Exit (the) Poll


   Everyone who took up a board exam would have experience a huge sense of relief once the last paper has been given. Fate being sealed in those sheaves of handwritten paper holding many a dream and future of the aspiring students. Similar sense should prevail in the Indian political world now that the toughest exam (of the largest democratic voting exercise) is over. This was the toughest one till date, cause of self imposed paralysis coupled with anti-incumbency of all the existing political class including the ruling one that have failed to meet the rising aspirations of the populace. 

   Politicians traded lot of verbal barbs over the last 6 weeks just so that media heard it and conveyed it to the masses. Now its media’s turn to be the soothsayer and predict the numbers that political parties will score on the D-Day. Predicting an election result with trivial sample size of few thousands while 48 crore (480 Million) people voted. No one ever understood Duck-Worth Lewis method in cricket and no one will ever understand how these psephologist’s arrive at those predictions.
   This election is watershed for two important people who will decide the future of this country
1> For Narendra Modi, this is a make or break election – A simple majority to Narendra Modi and his partners (note its not BJP and its partners) will set the country in the path to progress which has been stalled by a silent man at the helm of a ship full of scam artists. Also this will be the only chance Modi will ever get to run for the top post. And if it doesn’t happen, then bye bye to any hint of progress in India until 2020.
2>Arvind Kejriwal should wish to score 10 seats of less –This is very vital not only for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) but for the bright future of this country (beyond 2020). Right now the party is filled with lots of cat-on-the-wall wannabe politicians and anything less than 10 seats will have them desert AAP leaving only the hardcore behind. This will give a chance for Arvind to build strong set of leaders who will then fight more vigorously for the cause of the common man. 30+ seats to AAP will just ruin the entire ‘India against corruption’ movement as power will get into their heads. The quote ‘No software was ever perfect until version 3.0’ holds good for movements too.
     The Indian voter is sometimes clever in its choices. Who knows we might throw up a hung assembly with no decisive mandate so that we head for a re-election. God I would love such a situation. But remember that the old political class that has already thrown all their money on the current election and will resist any possibility of another re-election. Common India, lets go for the kill!

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  1. saise200522 says :

    We don’t need Pepe,dogger,denim – we need killer jeans.

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