Through this dream team, India’s glory will redeem

This is the season of Indian Politics league. Politics of coalition brings strangers as bedfellows. Like an IPL fantasy league, what if we could form a ministerial dream team to lead India into progress and prosperity. Since anyone can be a politician, I am forming mine with various dignitaries from civil society as well.
Here is my dream team. What’s yours?
Name Portfolio Reason
Narendra Modi Prime Minister Strong leadership to lead the pack of do-ers to make India a developed nation
Kiran Bedi Home and parliamentary affairs Police and prison reforms and getting more work done in parliament
Anna Hazare Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Replicate Ralegaon Siddhi across the country
Arvind Kejriwal  Urban Development and Youth affairs Solve Urban and youth issues
Jaipal Reddy Social Justice,Road Transport, Highways, Accessible technology and travel for everyone
Ratan Tata Defense Make Indian defense manufacturing indigenous like he transformed TATA to a world class organization
Narayana Murthy Commerce and Industry Replicate creation of wealth across India through entrepreneurship
MS Swaminathan Agriculture Green revolution 3.0
CNR Rao Science Revolutionize Science R&D in the country
E Sreedharan Railways Reform railways like he did for Delhi Metro
Santosh Hegde Law and Justice Lokayukt laws and stronger justice reforms
Chetan Maini(reva guy) Petroleum Radically think and reduce India’s dependence on Petroleum
Nandan Nilekani HR, Labour and employment With Aadhar Data, and Infy leadership experience he should build stronger human capital in India
Azim Premji Education, Communications  & IT Use ICT to revolutionize Education system in India
Gen VK Singh External Affairs Deal with nations like an Army General, Stern during tough times and soft during peaceful times
Subramanian Swamy Finance Its time we gave him a chance to do what he has talked about all these years. Lets go back to 1$= INR30 days again
Sachin Tendulkar Sports In sports, he has moved beyond cricket. Its time we (as a nation) did too.

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