Are you ready for a retrenching Friday?


The rumor was flying thick and fast. It was time of the year when annual results of the company came out and rumor had it that the company hadn’t matched the analyst expectation. The air was smelling heavy of retrenchment. And those alleys leading to the office coffee corners were mute spectators to the hushed tones of the employees whispering to each other on the very topic this company hadn’t heard since the previous downturn in the industry. 
Speculations were high that this time entire units might be hived off. Each employee expected the worst to happen to themselves. One wonders, what is it with human mind that it expects worst for itself and paradise is for the neighbors only (whose lawn is lush green as well). But such philosophical musings had to be parked for another day so that one could deal with layoff speculations at hand.


Does the situation sound familiar? Layoff could affect to anyone of us. While there is wealth of well-written advise blogs to make sure such situation doesn’t happen or how you cope with it if it does happen, this blogger believes that companies exist to provide return of investments to its shareholder and not bankrolling loyal employees. Also loyalty should be a by-product of a good employment relationship and not a core characteristic.


Instead lets focus, if such situation were to arrive to anyone of us, are we DATA ready?
Let me elaborate DATA readiness
  1. Have you backed up your key contacts (their emails and phones) to your personal mail service on the cloud?
  2. Have you connected with your current work colleagues over LinkedIn?
  3. Have you backed up your personal data, files, photos, personal passwords etc to a cloud storage like drop-box, Google drive?
  4. How about having a copy of salary slips, annual salary compensation letters, bonus letters, insurance copies, provident fund statements, gratuity, Income Tax return forms and all financial data concerning about your employment backed up?
  5. Copy of ESOP’s (Employee stock option plans) and procedures to vest them after your employment termination.
  6. Your Performance review docs of previous years, appreciation mails you have got (which haven’t converted to LinkedIn Recommends) which you could carry as a portfolio of your performance.
  7. Have you taken a latest copy of your resume as well as current job description?
  8. Have you backed up some important personal notes, browser links, quotes, jokes, blogs, to your Evernote or OneNote account?
  9.  Have you backed up those informative docs related to work (non-propriety ones), excel spreadsheets, mail templates you had created and backed it up to your cloud storage account?


Maybe we cannot avoid if the axe falls on our head on a dreaded friday and might not even be given an opportunity to take our personal data belongings. But we can already be Data ready, say thank you when shown the door, knowing very well that we will be up and running to the next life changing opportunity the minute we walk out of the door.


I scored a 5 on 9. What’s your score?

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One response to “Are you ready for a retrenching Friday?”

  1. Akshatha says :

    Cool list of DATA readiness…

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