AAP spring cleanup


Dear Arvind,

You must have been very sad since the 2014 election results were announced. The Kejriwal we were used to wasn’t the one we saw on TV yesterday. Cheer up Dude!

I know that the analyst scalpels are out, they will slice and dice every number and every vote that was polled to Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). Everyone who disliked you has turned analyst in spur of the moment. And the media is baiting you too. I don’t get why an analysis is required. Its common sense that AAP will survive and see another election. This country has so many crony capitalists and corrupt practices that an anti-corruption party like AAP has a bright future.
There a few things however that you should take note and act on immediately.

 1> Spring cleanup necessary: In the hurry to contest for national elections you hadn’t focused on getting your house in order (setting up grassroots organization, right candidate selection etc). Nows the time to get the house in order. The wannabe politicians and wannabe change-markers who had pit-stopped at the AAP camp in hope of a glimpse of power will now desert it in numbers and this only helps you as the hardcore will be there for your support.
2> Build leadership: Right now AAP leadership is nothing besides you and Yogendra Yadav. Ofcourse Prashant Bhushan is in the backstage but haven’t seen anyone else stand up to the occasion. A strong leadership needs to be then built in each state unit who can then inspire action on the ground.
3> Inspire grassroots movement in every state: Remember your roots. Arab Spring happened in North Africa and Arab world, Occupy Wall street happened in US. India was waiting for a movement to take part in and change things. India Against Corruption and then Aam Aadmi Party has been that breath of fresh air which gave meaning to people’s life. You should start being involved in local body and grassroot actions. Preparing for Bangalore corporation elections is on the right note.

Right now, all of us have now been deluged in the TsuNaMo wave. Its good for the country to have Modi and a decisive mandate will help us (as a country) to regroup and reclaim our lost decade (2004-2014). But I haven’t seen Modi having a leadership succession plan. Neither in the past (during his Gujarat rule) nor will he have one now. There will be a lacunae which he will leave behind in 5-10 years when India hungers more for such strong leadership. That’s where I want the you to step in lead us further on.

Lets leave the post-mortem analysis to the dead. Like the quote goes ‘The past is a place of reference, not a place of residency’ lets focus on the future of this country and its young citizens and keep moving forward.
Keep up the spirit and lets clean and rid this country of corruption!

AAP Fan Boy

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