RIPcart – A case of customer care gone wrong


You would have probably guessed whom I am talking about. Its Flipkart which is India’s largest e-commerce company. They used to be known for their impeccable world class delivery service. Now a days they don’t seem to care for their customer.

  • I try to order 5 copies of a book as New Year gifts to friends, They tell me I cant order more than 3. They think I am a retailer.
  • I try to install their app on my phone, it asks permissions to read my SMS, contacts, social media profiles, memory. Wonder what are they up to.
  • I try to reach Flipkart customer care executive and after about 16 tries and hearing a pre-recorded Flipkart jingle countless times when I finally get hold of a customer care executive who tells me that their voucher system is down. I try again a few days later but without much success. Finally I play a trick on them, I add a brand new ‘Moto E’ to my shopping cart but don’t complete the purchase. Flipkart sends me an automated mail to see if I had any problem on my payment page and if they could help somehow. Then I try the Customer Care. I get through to an executive very quickly and the first thing this person asks me is how she can help me with the ‘Moto E’ phone purchase. When i say it’s a call for e-gift voucher problem she is no longer excited and takes the complaint without even giving me the complaint number and says Flipkart will send a mail. It’s been a week since. I am thinking, did they mean snail mail?

And I look up the Internet and its full of grouse against flipkart.

Seems its Flipkart’s flippant attitude towards customers which is getting unbearable. No wonder Amazon has risen up to the occasion as flipkart has turned callous.

My advise to flipkart would be. ‘Find your mojo back ‘.  If not you are going to be R.I.Pkart soon.

Until then,
Bye Bye,
to any business from me.


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One response to “RIPcart – A case of customer care gone wrong”

  1. Akshatha says :

    :(….this is in a way surprising and eye opening for me to hear… is very true that perseverance is most important for any big success…one shud not stay happy or relax with short term success….i used to generally take pleasure in short term wins….may be it weakens my long term hardwork…or focus…

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