Looking Good!


‘Her tender face showed no expression, unlike the smiling faces on the colorful t-shirt she wore. She was seated by the musical drums but her eyes fixed on a spot on the wall trying to recollect the next beat. She was trying to hit the drums for a popular song. The audience were eager that she get the note right. After a couple of minutes, she ended the piece and stood up. The face still wore a grim look. The audience clapped acknowledging that she got it right. Then the 10-year old effused a sweet smile while she left the stage.’

Was it that the little 10-year old has been taught a lesson to look good in front of others?
See if you could picture yourself in one of the situations below.

It was almost time. But…
That final touch to the makeup had to be done before the model walked on ramp
That final edit to the front page breaking news, before the editor gave the signal to print.
That final cut had to be made before the director released the movie.
That final brush stroke to the artwork by the artist.
That final change to the presentation before it was presented to the boss.
That final cut before the hair stylist smiled at you and said ‘Done’
That final adjustment to the Tiara, before every mom sent her sweet little one dressed as Cinderella on stage.
That final lines had to be rehearsed before he went and asked her ‘Will you Marry me?’

It’s in the animal instinct to look good so that it could find a suitable partner. The cuckoo’s song, crickets music, bird’s show of plume, frogs croaking are to look good in front of a prospective mate. But we humans, are the only species devoting way too much time and resources on looking good just so that people (besides one’s mate) acknowledge and appreciate.

It’s time we changed this!

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One response to “Looking Good!”

  1. Akshatha says :

    What a thought….awesome and very true!!

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