When opportunity knocks (IPL Saga – Part 1 of 3)


  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon that was meant to be spent laid back on a chair reading your favorite book or catching a siesta. But all it takes is one phone call to change it into an exciting noise filled prospect. It was this blogger’s ‘boss at work’ who was calling. With much trepidation one answers only to find out that the boss has a spare ticket to watch the biggest game of the summer in India with him and his family. No points for guessing that it’s the final of the Indian Premier League season 7. Kolkata Knight Riders facing Kings Eleven Punjab in an exciting contest in Bangalore.

  The place around the stadium wore a festive look even 3 hours prior to the contest. People came out in team colors in support of the greatest spectacle of the Indian Summer. An electric atmosphere created by 40000 fans who had come to watch a good cricket contest. And it was a good contest that went to the wire. Post match, walking back to the car park, the boss revealed that the blogger was the eight guy the boss had called to watch the match with and was shocked that the other seven refused to watch an IPL final including the boss’s boss (a.k.a Boss’s wife).

  A cool breeze was blowing in, the crowd was dispersing from the stadium. The night sky was full of cracker smoke and there wasn’t a star recognizable in the haze which one could pin one’s lucky fortune on. In one of those moments you realizes that ‘When opportunity knocks on your door, it doesn’t matter if it has knocked other doors before. All that matters is whether you answer it or not’. 

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One response to “When opportunity knocks (IPL Saga – Part 1 of 3)”

  1. Akshatha says :

    There is something to learn from every experience 🙂 ….nice!

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