Space to be different (IPL Saga – Part 3 of 3)


   “Love you, Gauti”, shouted the two girls at the top of their voices. They were jumping off their seats and dancing and cheering when Gautam Gambhir played. Not only did they cheer his walk to the cricket pitch but every time the ball hit his bat. This is a usual scene in a cricket crazy nation where crowds run behind team buses just to catch glimpse of Sunil Narine or Wasim Akram. What would the scene look like for a Tendulkar or Dhoni. Absolute chaos.

   Coming back to the scene of the girls rooting for Gautam Gambhir and his Kolkata Knight Riders brigade. Every time the girls got up from their seats to cheer or shout some young boys behind them were copying the girl’s moves. Especially a lanky lad among the boys put some moves that kept the crowd amused. Behind, a drunk man was throwing a lot of ‘F’ expletives at a bunch of people who had occupied his seat. For some reason he wanted to sit in his own seat and not open to sit in other vacant seats. A bunch of opportune guys, saw the cheering girls and came and started chatting up the girls. And then there were people shouting slogans for India’s victory. That too in an Indian Premier league cricket game where teams were regional and didn’t represent the country. And there were people who were sloshed and shouting at the top of their voices. If only they had thumped their chests, it would look like a full clothed Tarzan in the jungle.

   Replace Cricket with Football or any other sport and sportsmen, the situation is the same world over (except maybe for tennis and its tie-clad clapping gentlemen). Do spaces like stadium offer a space where man lets his adrenaline flow? Why do we tend to behave differently in these spaces in contrast to our own offices or communities? Are we constrained by our social fabric so much that getting excited or fearful (the cause for adrenaline rush) is only restricted to these special spaces? Should we bottle it up until the next cricket match to vent it out?

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