Brahma 3 – A Poem


He has a single head, that moves with grace,
The way he works, would leave one in amaze.

His mere mention has let human imagination ablaze.
Creating a universe, would still leave him unfazed.

Spewing perfect shapes, he hardly has any sigma,
Seeing him work, many creators do get a stigma.

His simple design makes one wonder about this enigma,
No wonder the inventors rightly call him a Brahma.

Brahma 3 Anvil is an India-genously (indigenous + India) made desktop 3D printer. The author was fortunate to get a first hand experience seeing the Brahma print a simple bracelet. The author is not associated with the venture in any way and only wish the venture and the technology to do remarkable things. Printing affordable prosthetics, artificial limbs to the bottom billion is just the beginning. The Sky is the limit for this technology.

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